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We have always wanted a motorhome and have talked about it for as long as I can remember.  The freedom of being able to travel wherever you want, to experience new things, to have adventures and to be self sufficient has always appealed to us.  We did try camping in a tent once or twice but with my previous back issues and fibromyalgia, laying in an often damp cramped space just was not fun for me.  Also, I must admit that having your own bathroom and washing facilities on board is definitely a big bonus.  We also have to bring our little dog Harley with us.  She has quite a severe heart condition and is on a lot of medication so going away and leaving her behind is not an option.  

Like many people this past year has made us realise that living more in the present and enjoying life is so important.  After all, the past is gone and the future is not certain so all we have is this present moment.  The pandemic gave us that final push that we needed to finally make it happen.  

I have added this page to inspire you to have your own adventures.  Whether you have a motorhome, campervan, tent or none, many of the places we are visiting at the moment are within driving distance for a day trip or as we go further a weekend stay away.  Also members can log in and comment on the blogs so if you have any questions or suggestions of where we have been or where we could go please feel free to let us know.

Blog posts

  • 22 Apr 2021 7:28 AM | Tania Murphy (Administrator)

    This week we returned to St. Mullins for the third time for a one night stay.  There is something so calming about this spot that keeps drawing us back.  It has a certain quirky, slightly hippy vibe.  It’s actually less than 20 minutes from home but it feels like another world.  With the slow movement of the river and the abundance of wildlife to watch it makes it such a peaceful place to relax and get-away from it all.  St Mullins was actually the first place that we stayed the night last September, when we finally got to experience Motorhome life.  We had planned to find somewhere in Graiguenamanagh but we couldn’t find anywhere suitable to wild camp so we continued on to St. Mullins and found this beautiful spot near The Mullichain Café. 

    There are no facilities there for campers but we don’t mind that, we like to be self-sufficient.  Any rubbish we have we bring home with us and because we are just stopping for one night we have more than enough resources on board to keep us going.

    This was the first time that we were able to sample the food at the Mullichain Café as on our previous visits they were completely closed due to Covid-19.  We ordered takeaway pizzas and homemade wedges and they were absolutely amazing so we can highly recommend them.  The Café is now open from 11am – 6pm for takeaways 7 days a week right though to October.  They have some benches outside by the river so you can still out and chill.

    There is a pub within walking distance too but due to restrictions it has remained closed.  We will look forward to checking them out when they re-open.

    Another reason why we like St Mullins is that there is plenty of potential for walking, cycling and kayaking.  Kayaking is something we haven’t tried yet but Kieran is determined to give it a go this summer.  On a previous stay we brought our bikes and cycled the path beside the river to Graiguenamanagh, I think it’s about 16km each way.  It was a great adventure considering I hadn’t been on my bike for years.   On the way back the river had flooded forcing us to cycle through the water which was a little unnerving as we couldn’t really see where the path ended and the river began.  It was a case of just don’t stop because having to try to walk and pull the bike through it would have been way harder!  Our spare trousers and shoes came in handy that day and it was definitely a memory that we won’t forget.  And after all that’s what life is about isn't it? having adventures and creating memories.

    If you are on foot and want a shorter walk you can follow the river from the car park at The Mullichain cafe to St. Mullins Loch which is just over 1km each way.

    On another trip, we walked around the graveyard where there is a war memorial erected in memory of men buried there that took part in the rebellion.  It is also an old monastic site with ruins to wander around and a old penal alter.  I’ve popped a link here if you’d like to learn more about the history of St. Mullins.


    Whether you’re staying over, fancy a walk or somewhere beautiful to sit and relax with a coffee, I can highly recommend this spot.

    Things to be aware of:

    • ·       The tides and the current level of the river.  The car park can flood so when the river is high it’s better to park towards the back of the car park or give it a miss altogether. 
    • ·       During the day the car park can be busy with people walking, boating and popping into the café.
    • ·       The road down to the car park is single track and bendy.  If you are still gaining your confidence in maneuvering your motorhome then maybe don’t attempt this spot for a bit.
    • ·       The phone signal for data isn’t great.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are wanting to escape from the online world but if you plan to stream a movie on the darker evenings or want to catch up on social media this might bother you.

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