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Helping Us Support Our Local Irish Bees

At Ashgrove, Kieran manages his bees with as little human interference as possible.  His passion is the welfare and conservation of the Native Irish Bee and for him honey is a pleasant by-product of his hobby.  If the bees have a really good year they may produce way more honey than they need and may overfill their stores.  The queen will then run out of room for laying and the bees may decide to swarm.  If the bees swarm they may not end up in a place that is suitable or safe for them and they may ultimately perish.  As we have a shortage of bees in the world at the moment this obviously is not a good outcome so they bees are managed in order to keep the colonies safe and strong.  Hence at certain times of the year some quantities of their honey stores are taken and new fresh frames are added to ensure that they bees have the right balance of food stores and laying areas.

Any profit then made by selling honey products is given back to the bees, to the maintaining of their hives and keeping the local population thriving so that they can do their amazing work of pollinating all our flowers, trees, fruits and crops.  Remember there would be none of our beautiful Wexford Strawberries if it wasn't for our humble yet so valuable Native Irish Bees.

We tend to just eat our honey and section comb straight off the spoon every morning but either would be equally as nice spread on toast or crackers.  You can also use honey products as a healthier alternative to processed sugar.

There are many reported health benefits from eating this natural product from improving heart health, to helping with infections and boosting liver function however, it is also advised that bee products for pregnant women or babies under 1 are not advisable so please do your own research for more information.

Crystalisation is a natural process and crystalised honey remain perfectly edible.  However, if you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact Kieran for more info or advice.

Also as this is a natural product our honey may contain small particles of pollen or beeswax.

Important Notice:  At the moment orders are available for collection only.  We are looking into packaging and courier options for deliveries which may be available in the future.


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Kieran Murphy,  Ashgrove,  Kilscanlon,  Foulksmills,  Co. Wexford,  Y35 C596

Telephone: 087 4183615


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