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the studio will be re-opening as soon as the restrictions are lifted which allow us to do so

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our beautiful studio is located just off the n25 at ballinaboola, wexford.  situated on the 2nd floor, allows for a fabulous balcony view of the countryside. it has a peaceful, tranquil and welcoming atmosphere

Mat Based Yoga Classes

Tania teaches Hatha Yoga & Yin Yoga classes in the studio.  The classes are all suitable for beginners.
Tania's Hatha Yoga Classes will help you to create more flow in the body.  As you move with the breath, the body naturally relaxes, creating better mobility, flexibility, strength, body awareness and a calmer, more focused mind.

Yin Yoga Classes are amazing for relaxing and letting go of stress and tension.  They consist of long held, passive stretches which encourage the mind and body to reconnect.  They are the perfect lengthening muscles and creating space in the joints.  

Practicing both these styles together creates the perfect balance.  Yin & Yang - movement and stillness.

Yoga Trapeze Classes

Tania is a fully qualified Yoga Trapeze® Teacher.

Classes are taught in the studio either on a 1:1 basis or in small groups with no more than 6 students at a time.

The Yoga Trapeze® is a great tool for relieving back pain.  The effect of safely inverting while feeling fully supported helps to create traction in the spine.

During Class we work to build posterior chain strength (the muscles along the back of the body that support the spine), core strength, upper body strength and grip strength.  

The Yoga Trapeze® can also be used to support the body while going deep into stretches to help improve flexibility.

Classes are great fun.  They help to improve confidence while you get fitter and stronger.

    Upcoming events

    This is our beautiful garden here in county Wexford.  The garden will open for classes with social distancing when the weather permits.  Check the Events Page for times and booking.

    Contact Tania 

    087 4183594


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